What is the Proper Thickness of a Fiberglass Pool?

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What is the Proper Thickness of a Fiberglass Pool?

@ Fri March 04, 2011 @ 05:22 PM Kirk Sullivan – Mrfiberglasspool

Here is a video of a San Juan Fiberglass pool after being shot with 6 rounds from 15 feet away. If you look at the back of the pool you can see how the woven roving in the San Juan fiberglass pool streached as it tried to stop a 460 round. A 9mm went right through the Leasure chopped pool without slowing down or effecting the glass next to the hole. Do you realy believe that all fiberglass pools are built the same?

Leisure pool shot with a 9mm


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San Juan is the World's Largest and Strongest Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer. San Juan makes over 90 different one piece fiberglass pools in 9 different colors.
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