SAN JUAN: 2-Phoenix Models fiberglassed together, along with a Malibu

At a clubhouse of a Townhome Development in New Jersey, a San Juan Dealer cut one side of each of the Phoenix Pools, then “glassed” them together to make a 26’x40’ one piece fiberglass shell. The pool has 12 returns, 2-2’ waterfalls, 4 skimmers, 4 main drains, tile, depth markers, 3 lights, and 4 handrails. The Malibu in the background was plumbed as a spa, with 8 jets, 4 returns, 2 skimmers, and 4 main drains.
The indoor structure is 50’x100’, connected to a workout room, along with a recreational facility.
The Townhome Association considered a concrete pool, but with the surface texture of fiberglass being “smooth, silky feel”, as opposed to “very rough, equal to 80 grit sandpaper”, along with the pool being algae resistant, it was the right choice to go with a San Juan Fiberglass Pool!!!
San Juan Pools has over 89 models, in nine colors, including the exclusive Iridium Double Diamond Finish.


About sanjuanfiberglasspools

San Juan is the World's Largest and Strongest Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer. San Juan makes over 90 different one piece fiberglass pools in 9 different colors.
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2 Responses to SAN JUAN: 2-Phoenix Models fiberglassed together, along with a Malibu

  1. Keith Van Tilburg says:

    This was done nicely! Great job!

  2. Tom says:

    WOW, check out to see more photos of this cool job.
    Here’s the direct link.

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