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It’s -1c in Toronto Canada but everyone is already planning for Spring. San Juan Fiberglass Pools are designed and engineered for the worst weather mother nature can throw at them. We make the worlds largest ice cube trays!!!

About sanjuanfiberglasspools

San Juan is the World's Largest and Strongest Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer. San Juan makes over 90 different one piece fiberglass pools in 9 different colors.
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3 Responses to San Juan Pools Canada

  1. Tanya says:

    I live in northern Canada where temps in winter can be as cold as -40 degrees Celcius. But summers can also be intense! How would your pools and spas respond in these types of extreme temps?

  2. Maria,
    I read your comment on the San Juan Blog.
    The splotchy brown stains sound exactly like metal staining. This is a simple thing to fix!
    First you need to have your heater fixed, as it sounds like the source of the metal that is getting into the pool. There needs to be a bypass on the heater, this is to prevent any chemicals that you are using to treat the pool from attacking and destroying the interior parts of the heater.
    Next, add a metal remover, such as Metal Retreat to the water, this will release the metals from the walls/floor of the pools putting them back into suspension in the water.
    After removing from the walls you will need to get another product to remove the metal from the water so your stain will not come back. A simple product that I use is CuLator, it is a small bag (like a tea bag) that you put in the skimmer, as the water runs through it absorbs the metal. These need to be changed out once every few weeks at first and eventually once every couple of months.
    Here is a great website that I found that has a bunch of additional information on staining as well as some of the products I mentioned. CuLator is also available on or you may be able to find these items in your local pool store near you.

    Don’t hesitate to call if I can help you with additional questions.
    Thank You and have a great day!

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