San Juan Fiberglass Pools are the Best one piece fiberglass pools!

If you live anywhere from South Florida to Central Florida to Canada check into fiberglass. San Juan has their main facility in Lakeland and they are one of the oldest fiberglass pool manufacturers (in business over 50 years). Fiberglass is non reactive so it makes water balancing much easier than in plaster (marcite or quartz) surface pools. The two main disadvantages to fiberglass are you are limited to the premade shapes (but San Juan has a HUGH catalog of pools available in many sizes and some even have attached spas and/or beach entry).
The other disadvantage to fiberglass is cost (historically they have been the most expensive type of pool because they have to be trucked to the site) but since you live close to one of their facilities this will be minimal (they have factories worldwide and 5 in the US besides the Lakeland facility, btw.) and with he recent rise in concrete costs over the past few years fiberglass pools are now coming in at less than an equivalent gunnite or shotcrete pool.

The San Juan Fiberglass Pools surface is non reactive so water balancing is easier and it is much more difficult to harm the surface. Cannot be drained without taking special precautions (have a pro do this). (some say they pop out of the ground but ANY pool can pop out of the ground including concrete/plaster ones.)
Limited to premade shapes and sizes but there is a large variety available so this is not usually an issue unless a very non standard pool shape is required.
Surface will last 25 years or more without any problems and do not require any special maintenance. Maintenance and chemical costs are a bit lower than other pool types. More prone to iron stains than other pool surfaces (easy to remove with ascorbic acid–vitamin c).
Used to be limited to ‘high end” pool installations because of the higher cost (much of it transportation to site) than other pools but with the rising costs of concrete and more fiberglass manufacturing sites in more areas they often come in equal or less in price than a comparable concrete (plaster surface) pool.
Install from start to finish is generally much faster than a plaster surface pool and often can be completed in as little as one week.


About sanjuanfiberglasspools

San Juan is the World's Largest and Strongest Fiberglass Pool Manufacturer. San Juan makes over 90 different one piece fiberglass pools in 9 different colors.
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