The Taj Mahal Deep | San Juan Fiberglass Pools

The Taj Mahal Deep is our largest fiberglass swimming pool available. San Juan Fiberglass Pools.
The Taj Mahal Deep | San Juan Fiberglass Pools | San Juan Pools

Alas, we have reached the massive and renowed Taj Mahal Deep. This fiberglass swimming pool was designed by San Juan Pools to be big! How big? For starters, the Taj Mahal Deep includes an 8′ deep end and a total water volume of 20,000 gallons. If you’re thinking diving board and water slides, so are we.

We created the Taj Mahal Deep as a great alternate to our already popular Taj Mahal fiberglass pool. The only difference between these two models (despite their identical appearances) is their deep ends. The standard Taj Mahal includes a 6.5′ deep end compared to the 8′ layout of the Taj Mahal Deep.

Let’s get started on your backyard poolscape getaway!
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