The backyard pool area has become an important living space.

A tanning ledge is an area of your pool that has 12 inches or less of water and is available for in-ground fiberglass pools.

Homeowners are splashing into 2016’s swimming pool season and keeping area pool builders busy by requesting their dream pools with some snazzy features.Thanks to ever-evolving pool designs, new materials and technology, today’s pools are more functional, enjoyable and luxurious than ever before, the contractors say.

“The backyard pool area has become an important living space,” says Marsha Manning, a co-owner of Manning Bros. Pools. “When people are on vacation, they see a lot of resort pools. They like what they see, and they want it.”

Outdoor-loving consumers are upping their pool game with these cool pool design trends.

Tanning ledges

A tanning ledge is an area of your pool that has 12 inches or less of water and is available for in-ground fiberglass pools.

These shallow, broad areas located near the pool’s edge add a different kind of water fun, says John Bullard, sales manager for in-ground pool development at Pensacola Pools. The shallow water allows you to stay cool without having to get submerged, making the shelf perfect for tanning or lounging under umbrellas. 

“Tanning ledges have become extremely popular,” Bullard says. “A tanning ledge definitely makes the pool and gives it a different feel. The area also allows your pets to cool off and your children to play safely.”

Colored LED lighting

Colored LEDs turn night swimming into a light show at the touch of a button, Bullard says. You can create an impressive and fun backdrop for parties and family gatherings, stir the imagination with rainbow-colored waters or create architectural effects with LED lights strategically placed poolside or in landscaping. 

“For the 4th of July, you can make your pool red, white and blue,” Bullard says.

Stay tuned, Bullard says. New technology is about to make the at-home movie screen a great deal more immersive, turning your pool into a screen to watch movies of your choice. “Jaws” anyone?
Plunge, spool and sport

These days, you don’t have to have a big backyard to fit in a pool, Manning and Bullard say. That’s good news as pool space shrinks.

Newer homes tend to be built on smaller lots, and “as backyards get smaller, so are pools,” Bullard says. “Pool builders have to go with the trend.”

Bullard says one popular choice is a “plunge pool “ – a small, shallow pool built for the purpose of lounging, wading and cooling off instead of for swimming and exercising.

The “spool” is another trend, Bullard says. “Spool” is a blend of the words pool and spa. Measuring about 10 to 16 feet long and 6 to 8 feet wide, a spool is much smaller than an in-ground swimming pool, but at least twice the length of the average spa. Unlike a swimming pool, a spool comes equipped with strong jets that create a swirling current against which to swim. This allows you to get a workout in a relatively small amount of space; often swimming in place. 

Another cool pool choice is what Manning calls the “sport pool.”

“A sport pool is one that has two shallow ends, with a deeper section in the center,” she says. “These pools are called sport pools because they are especially well suited to volleyball and other fun pool games.”

To also function as a lap pool, a sport pool can also be built longer than an average pool.

Paver stones

Available in a vast array of shapes and colors — as well as in natural and manufactured materials such as brick, flagstone, travertine, or colored patterned concrete — pavers are being professionally installed to form all sizes and shapes of deck.

Pavers are a durable, attractive alternative to traditional decking choices, Manning says. “As more people look at the pool area as a living space, they are choosing pavers. Stone definitely dresses up the pool.”

Glass tiles

Many pool owners are also passing on traditional pool coping or siding for glass tiles, Bullard says. “As people expand their living area to the outdoors, glass tile is carrying over from kitchens and bathrooms to pools and outdoor grilling areas.”

The shimmering quality of tile can create dazzling colors or enhance the light travel within your pool during the day.


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✅ New Great Lakes fiberglass automatic cover pool by San Juan Fiberglass Pools 16’x37’x6’4″

✅ New Great Lakes fiberglass automatic cover pool by San Juan Fiberglass Pools 16’x37’x6’4″
San Juan fiberglass pools continues to lead the fiberglass pool industry with its new model of the Great Lakes. San Juan Pools the only company that Hand lays the entire pool shell from start to finish. ✅ Click here: Time lapse construction of San Juan fiberglass pool

Learn more about San Juan fiberglass pools

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Fiberglass pools prove to be most affordable, less leaky in the long run

Fiberglass pools prove to be most affordable, less leaky in the long run
Before you’re ready to hire a pool builder, there are many important decisions to consider, especially the cost and type of pool. The five most common types of swimming pools include above-ground, fiberglass, vinyl-lined, gunite and poured concrete.
Vinyl-lined pools are typically the most cost effective and popular, until you consider one thing- they leak more often than fiberglass pools.

According to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals (APSP), the majority of pools can be expected to have leak problems at least once during their service life. On average, a swimming pool constructed over 10 years ago will leak once every six years. If constructed more than 20 years ago, this rate drops to every four years.

If you want to avoid pool leaks altogether, fiberglass is your best option. A sturdier material by nature, it will have less leakage issues throughout its lifetime, according to Jimmy Carter, senior director of corporate field services at American Leak Detection.

“Day-to-day, we see the most leaks in vinyl liners, by far,” Carter said. “Liners can be a hassle, especially because you’ll find yourself replacing it about every 10 years. Fiberglass pools are a great option to avoid leaks.”

Fiberglass pools also require less installation time, along with cheaper maintenance and operational costs.

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✅ Fiberglass pools are taking over New York City! 3 Spas at Red Bull Studios – Fiberglass pool in Rockefeller Center

✅ Fiberglass pools are taking over New York City! 3 Spas at Red Bull Studios – Fiberglass pool in Rockefeller Center. 

Photos: The Sideways Swimming Pool at Rockefeller Center, Van Gogh’s Ear

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When we were researching pools, it wasn’t too long before fiberglass was the first choice for several reasons

Choice of shapes, ease of installation, longevity, incredibly-reduced maintenance, never a liner replacement, and finally, never a scuffed knee or nose from a gunite surface. Almost infinite color schemes, too.
The long-time pool installers in the area had nothing good to say about Fiberglass Pools…until a few beers on the patio induced a salesman to offer up that pool companies thrive on Service and Repairs; not sales. Open a yellow pages or go online and see how many companies are Gunite and Vinyl Liner repair experts vs how many of them sell new pools. Once you pay for a fiberglass pool your not hit with expensive repairs over time.  

   Repairing gunite and concrete is big business; fiberglass is like your boat’s hull (transom excluded). They last forever barring impact damage. Sealants last, too.

I liked San Juan pools because their locations told me that they weren’t local or a lightly-funded operation. Seems they’ve added locations since then, and they DO have a dealer in the North East.

Frost line damage would be more severe on a hard object than on one that has some flex in it. However, you’re going to have the pool dropped into a hole in your yard by a crane, then surrounding fill will most likely be sand, so freezing won’t be an issue from the outside in. Check them out.

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Astronaut reunites with swimming pool after a year in space.

  Astronaut reunites with swimming pool after a year in space. Astronaut Scott Kelly just spent nearly year in space. While in orbit, Kelly and his fellow passengers, Mikhail Kornienko and Sergey Volkov, underwent nearly 400 experiments about how people react to time in space, from cognitive performance and sleep, to how space affects our brain structure. But Kelly was surprised by one of his “findings:” Just how much he missed his swimming pool:
View more info about pools and space

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San Juan fiberglass pool’s pleasure island model 16’x40′ pool spa combination

San Juan fiberglass pool’s pleasure island model 16’x40′ pool spa combination designed with heated wet bar, automatic cover and fire pits. Installed by San Juan Pools of Pekin Illinois.


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